Internships & Scholarships


Internships & Scholarships

Propelling forward the next generation of API leaders...

While 51.3% of Asian Americans over 25 have a bachelor's degree or higher (compared to 29.6 for the general population over 25) and 21.6% of Asian Americans  over 25 have graduate or professional degrees (compared to 11.2% for the general population over 25), these statistics hide three vital barriers for the API community:

(1) There is great diversity in the educational attainment levels between API subgroups:  In California, 45% of Hmong, 40% of Cambodians and Laotians, and 1/5th of Fijians have less than a high school education.  Statistically, 20% of Pacific Islanders in California eventually drop out of high school.

(2) These educational figures are not leading to an equivalent rise in executive access for APIs:  Asian Americans hold fewer than 2% of executive jobs at Fortune 500 companies. 

(3) 80% of today's jobs are landed through networking.  Internships are ranked first in the sequence of relative importance of attributes in evaluating which graduates to hire (above college reputation, GPA, extracurricular activities, etc).  1 in 100 general applicants will wind up with a position compared to 1 in 7 referral applicants.

With the low numbers of APIs in executive positions and the fact that approximately 74% of Asian American adults were not born in the US, APIs lack the established long-term networks, mentors, and role models crucial to rising to the highest levels of various professional fields. apiNXTwas created to address these needs.




Apinxt internships & MENTORSHIP PROGRAM

apiNXT has a highly selective internship program for high achieving college and graduate students (min 3.0 GPA) throughout California.  Our  interns serve in leadership capacities for apiNXT in their areas of primary interest and work directly with our board on outreach, community service, strategy, and program development.  apiNXT interns will also participate in our mentorship program where the interns are connected with professionals in their area of interest.  Serving as an apiNXT intern is the first step toward being placed in an outside internship.  apiNXT Internship Application link can be found below.

Corporate & government INTERNSHIPS 

After serving as an apiNXT intern for at least 6 months, top performing interns will be chosen for our Corporate & Government Internship program where we place candidates at leading corporate and government offices based on qualifications and interests.  Our interns are trained in leadership, business communication, and networking prior to the start of their internships to ensure their success.


apiNXT will be awarding scholarships to highly deserving API students who show academic excellence, leadership potential in their specific areas of interest, and a commitment to giving back to the API community.  


College Admissions & Success Workshops

apiNXT is committed to getting more API students admitted into and successfully prepared for college--with a special emphasis on low-income and first-generation students.  We host workshops on the college admissions process, financial aid, and college success skills.


Integrating API students and young professionals into the mainstream fabric of their communities and fostering a belief that they can make a difference in their communities is at the core of apiNXT's leadership values.  As such, we connect API students with volunteer opportunities throughout the community.




Andrew Chang,  Business Administration major at UC Berkeley, with a concentration in Global Business. 


His Passion:  Andrew is a polyglot who speaks 11 languages fluently (Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Hindi, Portuguese, Icelandic, Taiwanese, & English) and loves to travel.  


CORBAN DE LA VEGA, Marketing major at San Jose State University

His Passion:  Corban is a talented graphic designer and photographer.  While still in high school, Corban started a clothing line with his original designs.  He currently interns for several organizations to develop his professional graphic design skills, including apiNXT.  He is responsible for several of the graphics on our website!


BRITTANY CHANG, Psychology major at UC Irvine

Her Passion:  Brittany has a special passion for people with special needs.  She currently works as a Behavior Therapist for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.  Brittany’s interest in special needs started early.  She worked as a teacher intern in the special needs class all the way through high school and she started a club at school to integrate the special needs kids into the main student body through weekly lunches together. She wanted to help develop the social skills of the special needs kids because she felt they were always isolated and help the other kids see the special needs kids the way she does---as the most amazing human beings ever created.  



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